Posted by: wineboffin | April 25, 2006

The Battle of Twin Fin Pinot Noir

 In this corner: Beppi Crosariol, The Globe & Mail Wines & Spirits Columnist 

Pick of the week Twin Fin Pinot Noir ($13.95, product No. 613281). This pinot is a remarkable achievement for less than $20. It's medium-bodied, with rich cherry and raspberry-like fruit. 

And in this corner: Michael Vaughan, National Post Weekly Wine & Spirits Columnist and Editor of Vintage Assessments

Buyer Beware Alert!

I rarely issue alerts on wines that might be avoided, but I am concerned that unsuspecting fans of Pinot Noir might be seriously disappointed by today's Globe & Mail Twin Fin Pinot Noir recommendation.  As a Pinot Noir professional, I spent the entire afternoon at the recent California Wine Fair tasting all 35 Pinot Noir on display. When I came to the booth featuring Twin Fin, I was asked: how do I like it?  I replied to the rep behind the table if he really wanted to know.  He nodded.  I then said, that in my opinion:

 Twin Fin is the worst Pinot Noir of the entire California tasting.
It seems almost devoid of any true Pinot Noir character!

That's not to say that a freshly-opened bottle is bad – it isn't. But for me, it just fails to deliver!  Worse yet, Twin Fin appears to collapse in the open bottle. At $13.95, it simply isn't worth the money!



  1. Woah! big angry red font says wine is bad..BAD!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Chech this out…..more Pinots to aviod.

  3. It’s interesting to see such diverging views. Perhaps it’s just not a good Pinot Noir, but an enjoyable bottle which would draw a distinction between a standard wine critic and a regular consumer.

    Interesting none the less.

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