Posted by: wineboffin | January 13, 2006


Or ‘Yet Another Wine Blog’ if you prefer. Welcome to wineboffin. As the name states, wineboffin is my attempt and sharing my (limited)knowledge and love of the humble grape. As you can see by the numerous blogs and websites listed in the Link Cellar I am not alone in my enthusiasm for all things wine related. So why another wine blog then? Well, wine to me has gone from the weird grape juice I use to watch my grandfather make as a kid in his basement to something I ordered when I went out to dinner because it made me feel grown up to my current obsession where I need to consume every written word on the subject, where it’s not a vacation if it doesn’t have a wine region to visit and much of my disposable income is spent on ferment grape juice so why not blog about it?

It’s never been about just what’s in the bottle. It’s about the people I’ve met who do it for love not money. It’s about the most beautiful parts of the world I’ve seen from Niagara On the Lake, to Bordeau to Margaret River. It’s about the bottles of wine I remember and love most are the ones I shared with family, friends, and lovers.

I guess Robert Louis Stevenson summed it up best when he said “Wine is bottled poetry”. Indeed.


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